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At Maui Flavor Wave, we have a unique philosophy when it comes to crafting our sauces. We call them Heat Sauces, not Hot Sauces, because our primary focus is on flavor. While we do offer blistering hot options for the daring heat seekers, we believe that true satisfaction comes from a perfect balance between heat and flavor. Our sauces are infused with the tropical essence of Maui, making them an unforgettable culinary experience.

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These beef jerky flavors from Maui Flavor Wave promise an adventure for your taste buds, with each bite offering a unique and unforgettable flavor experience. Whether you prefer sweet and savory or fiery and bold, there's a jerky flavor to satisfy every craving.

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Delicious, local Spices from our Retail Partners.

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Grill Tools

Grilling tools and accessories from our sister brand, Maui BBQ Grills.

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Express yourself with Maui Flavor Wave and Maui BBQ Grills T-Shirts

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